R&M Refrigeration Parts

Our technicians and highly-skilled professional repair specialists are constantly finding parts and equipment that still have a lot of life left in service. Rather than seeing this equipment go to the trash, we wanted to take an approach on benefiting our customers as well as the environment. This is why we created a special place for us to rehabilitate used equipment, redistribute quality parts and help as avoid unnecessary waste.

Many of these items include various warranty offers including manufacturer warranties as well as our own parts and labor warranties. Plus, you receive the same great service from R&M Refrigeration that all of our customers receive. If you have any questions regarding these services or need a specific part please call us at (619) 562-9600 today and we will be happy to assist.


This Metalfrio pizza prep table has an electronic temperature control device with a built in defrost setting. The compressor was replaced along with the filter drier in 2016. Newly replaced door gaskets for all 3 doors.


The cubers ice cube is known for it’s slow melt time, which leaves the cocktail with a better taste! This will leave a long lasting impression on your customer.


Although technically considered “used” this Micro-Matic Beer Chiller is in new condition. This unit was only used for 3 months before upgrading to a higher capacity chiller. Valid warranty included.


Let your refrigeration system double as extra counter space with this single-door worktop freezer! Completely reconditioned and includes a labor and parts warranty.

Around the Clock Service You Can Rely On

We know breakdowns don’t always occur at the most convenient times, so no matter when you find yourself in need of service, the R&M Refrigeration team will be there. Our experienced staff has the knowledge and skillset to get your commercial job done quickly and efficiently.